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Ice Diving Tips

Regulator free-flows are one of the greatest hazards when diving under ice or in very cold water (less than 4°C). The condition is caused by the sudden drop in pressure as air passes from the cylinder through the first stage. When high pressure air passes through the first stage, it hyper-cools the metal moving parts.

Community News Jill Heinerth

Heinerth wins scuba award that is called equivalent to Oscars

The scope of Canadian diver Jill Heinerth’s contributions to the underwater world is defined by the magnitude of her work. She is a cave diver, explorer of the deep, writer, photographer  and film maker. PBS, the National Geographic channel and BBC have broadcast films that were created by Jill. The directors who have consulted her include James Cameron. She has written books and produced documentaries.

Environmental News Jill Heinerth

Arctic on the Edge

Sponsored by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, the Arctic on the Edge/L’Arctique à la limite Expedition documents the life cycle of ice from Greenland to Baffin Island, south down the Labrador Coast, ending in Newfoundland

Scuba Features Jill Heinerth

Protect Your Noggin’ – Diving Helmets

I have never figured out why so few North American technical divers wear helmets. Perhaps helmets never reached the Pantheon of hip here. Divers in other parts of the world would never consider exposing their scalps to the ceiling of a cave or wreck without protection.

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