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Tackling climate change requires healing the divide

Canadian climate change opinion is polarized, and research shows the divide is widening. The greatest predictor of people’s outlook is political affiliation. This means people’s climate change perceptions are being increasingly driven by divisive political agendas rather than science and concern for our collective welfare.

Canada Bob's Scuba

Introducing Bob’s Dive Shop, Ontario

Southern Ontario’s Best Dive Shop. Bob’s Scuba Shop has been serving Hamilton and the surrounding area for over 60 years with the best quality products, training, and service for any kind of adventure you plan to take underwater.

Canada Dolphin Man

The Dolphin Man – Inspiration for The Big Blue with Jean Reno

Free diving is not only one of the most dangerous of sports, but one of the most amazing. The Big Blue was inspired by Jacques Mayol, who in 1976 became the first free diver ever to descend 100 metres. This legend of the sport spent his life setting records and going beyond what was considered humanly possible.

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