Pirates Point Resort, Little Cayman

Oceanfront Exterior
Pirates Point was started in 1986 by Gladys B. Howard. She has a long term staff, and the minimum for dive instructors or chefs right now, is 5 years.
We have created a very unique dive operation that caters to divers.  We put as many dive instructors in the water, as needed to make sure everyone has a great dive.  Sometimes we are doing one on one, sometimes everyone is doing their own thing.  We always have a guide in the water, until everyone is out.  Very unique.  Plus, we do two LONG computer profile type dives.  There is no time limit, as long as you have a buddy, a dive computer and are getting the extended time up in the shallows.   That is a plus about Little Cayman.  The top of our wall starts in about 18-25 feet of water.
The meals are incredible for a remote island, since it is all homemade breads and desserts done daily.  You forget you are on a remote island, when you are eating homemade sushi, or homemade buns.
The atmosphere that has been created is like you are at our home.  There is no bartender, so you make yourself at home in the bar, where everyone congregates to tell stories.  Or you can spend alone time, out on the pool deck, looking at the ocean or the stars.   We are on a secluded beach, so you will not see other resort folks, unless they are eating with us for dinner.
 Alot of the folks book as they leave for next year.  It is one of the most unique, fun places to come in the world.  Or so we are told, over and over.