Chantelle Wyatt

Chantelle WyattChantelle is a Portsmouth based Author and Scuba Dive Instructor. Her passion lies in the adventure and exploration of dive sites and travel locations around the globe.

Committing herself to teaching others how to dive along the way, she has worked hard to teach people about why our Ocean is so important and so worth protecting and preserving.

In her two books, ‘Diving the World one Step at a Time’ and ‘Travelling the World one step at a Time’, Chantelle has given the reader an insight into a world that is waiting out there to be discovered.

Chantelle’s passion to write has also guided her to work for numerous magazines and newspapers in her local area to maintain good local relationships as she believes whole heartidly that being a good writer means you should explore all sorts of avenues.

Beginning her creative career as a young woman travelling after graduating from University, Chantelle decided that there was more to life than starting work right away and so she backpacked for almost 5 years, writing and keeping journals as she went along.

Always working on her next project and making new plans for more trips, Chantelle has dived much more into conservation these days, working and supporting organisations like ‘Operation Wallacea’ where she teaches during her summers.

Scuba Diving and her Open Water Course, all that time ago and then her first published piece of work have spiralled into a life long working career and determination to tell her stories and those of others to the world and we love her work.

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