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Diving Britain: Inland Waters

There is more to diving Britain than ocean diving from well-known coastlines with their cosy pubs and tea rooms for post-dive warmth. The summer season sees many divers and families head to the coast but, for those based inland and looking for fun and accessible alternatives, Britain has a number of inland dive sites where swimming alongside buses, helicopters and caravans in the norm. For fun diving with first class facilities look no further than the lakes and quarries on offer.

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Simple is Good, Complex is Dumb

I have known since my first days as a diver that people under stress are fighting panic and tend to make wrong choices. In an emergency, divers need a limited number of survival responses. The main danger with Scuba is no air. We need to get gas quickly, either from a buddy or the surface. Simple

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The Superpowers of Seagrasses

How many times have many of us, myself included, ignored a sign like this during our misspent adolescent years? Now that I am older (so say the majority!) and wiser (so say a small minority!), I realise the purpose of this type of sign is to protect and conserve nature. Nowadays I pay more attention because nature conservation is a subject close to my heart. Being a diver, I am particularly interested in sustainability of the coastal and marine environment.

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The Evolution of Molluscs

Shellfish are often on plates in our homes and in restaurants. Many of these are bivalves – clams, oysters, mussels, abalone, and scallops. Think of how difficult it is to get to the tasty meat of some of these animals. Over millions of years, the bivalves evolved formidable defenses in their hard shells

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Can you identify a Maui dolphin?

Nikki Fothergill is a Project Jonah Marine Mammal Medic who is studying for a Diploma in Marine Studies at the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic in Tauranga. For her second-year project she surveyed the New Zealand public to measure the level of awareness of Māui dolphins and their plight.

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Experiences of a Part Time PADI Dive Master

If you had told me in 2009 when I was getting my Open Water that one day, I would train to be a PADI Dive Master, I wouldn’t have believed it! I started diving as a teacher on a school camp, and I really didn’t think it would be something I’d continue with. As an older (30+) female with a young family and a full time job, it seemed like a pretty selfish and expensive recreational activity (despite me loving the whole experience!)

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Learn more about False Killer Whales with Project Jonah

The recent stranding (June 2016) of two false killer whales at Waimairi Beach, Christchurch was a rare event. The first stranding in eleven years and only the third ever South Island stranding, the last one being in 1984. For many people it was also the first time they have heard about these charismatic whales.

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Shark Diving for Novices

There are many types of dive at the top of peoples’ bucket lists and diving with sharks is surely one of them. There is something incredibly life-affirming about spending time in the water with these apex predators and many divers long to experience shark diving at least once in their lifetime.

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Peter Easton Was The Scourge of the Western Atlantic

Of the various pirates who lurked along the wild, sparsely inhabited coasts of Newfoundland in the 16th and 17th centuries, Peter Easton was among the elite, most successful and best known. His plundering, which ranged from Newfoundland and the Grand Banks south to the Caribbean and Spanish Main, made him the scourge of the Western Atlantic for more than a decade.

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My Very First Time: Fiji

I had just turned 18 and was setting off on my first solo adventure to a destination over 10,000 miles away to an island in the South Pacific…. Fiji.

I was about to embark on my very first SCUBA diving experience with a volunteer program run by the Non-Government Organisation Frontier.

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Diving Britain – The North and Scotland

The northern reaches of Great Britain are home to a fascinating variety of dive locations including offshore islands, the World Heritage site of St Kilda and the Isle of Man. For world-class diving and wildlife experiences for all ages including seals, birdlife and basking sharks look no further.

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Living in diver’s paradise among Playa del Carmen’s caves and reefs

It should be no surprise that scuba enthusiast Erik Rosenstein is committed to protecting the environment. He has bachelor’s degrees in environmental science and biochemistry, as well as advanced post-graduate degrees in environmental toxicology and environmental law. Plus he has spent a lot of time underwater, as evidenced by his impressive diving credentials: TDI Full Cave Instructor, TDI Intro to Tech Instructor, TDI Advanced Nitrox Instructor, TDI Sidemount Instructor and PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer.

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Which Drysuit Material Should You Choose?

For cold water divers, a drysuit is the best way to stave off the effects of exposure, especially if you’re on longer bottom times or if like us in BC, the best diving season corresponds with the colder parts of the year. A good drysuit is an investment though, and not something you should jump into casually. The type of diving you do, and the amount you’re able to invest, are the best ways to initially determine which type of drysuit may be best for you.

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