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The Princess Sophia Shipwreck

At 10 PM, October 23, 1918, the Canadian Pacific passenger ship, the SS Princess Sophia left port at Scagway, Alaska with 298 passengers, men, women and children, largely from Dawson City, Yukon, and a crew of 65.

Scuba Features Photo Tips

How to think of a lighting scheme

In advertising photography before taking a picture you think about the positioning, the power and color of the lights whether they are flash or continuous, in underwater photography thinking how to light the scene before us does not, or however often the underwater photography are linked to positions standards of its flash, often with the result of having, is, the subject well lit but also obtain almost flat illumination from passport photo.

Scuba Features Halifax

Halifax explosion’s toll in 1917 only surpassed by WW2 atomic bombs

As Canada celebrates its 150th birthday this year it is worth noting that a war has never been fought on its land. But the weapons of warfare brought death and destruction to Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Canada’s Atlantic seaboard 100 years ago. On December 6, 1917, the French ship Mont-Blanc left its anchorage at Halifax to join a convoy that would cross the Atlantic en route to the First World War battle grounds.

Scuba Features CHAA

Introducing The Canadian Harvard Aircraft Recovery Team (CHAA)

In October of 2001 the CHAA Dive Recovery Team was formed under the guidance of Bob Hewitt with the concept of recovering Canadian historical aircraft within the Great Lakes region. Bob along with the assistance of Charley Fox, Len Fallowfield, Bill Scott, Kent Beckham, Everett Hillsdon, Dave Delaney, Martin Hodgson and Murray Manning have contributed their time and extensive energy in researching possible site locations. The initial focus was to recover sunken aircraft with the intention of restoring them to flying condition or for use as static displays.

Scuba Features DAN

Thirteen-Foot Dive

The diver was a 19-year-old woman in good physical condition. She denied any history of medical problems and did not take any medications regularly. She completed her confined-water training several weeks before with no problems and was now doing her open-water training dives.

Scuba Features Alberta

Jasper’s Project Habbakuk Wreck

Who would have guessed? Patricia Lake in Jasper National Park, AB is home to the remains of the Habbakuk. See what very few scuba divers have ever seen with their own eyes, while expedition lake diving to this fairly remote location.

Scuba Features oceana-canada-20-12-16

Canadian Marine Animals You’ve Likely Never Heard Of

Many people don’t really know what’s in our oceans. When asked to name a species, we’re likely to mention an adorable marine mammal, such as a whale. Whales are indeed amazing animals, but there are plenty of other species in the ocean that make up a diverse and fascinating ecosystem. Here are just some of the unique species found in Canada’s oceans that you likely haven’t heard of.

Scuba Features Saskatoon

Saskatchewan Shipwreck

So rare were ships on the prairies that when a steamer for the Pearson Land Company was held up on Long Lake, the only law under which the government could charge the thief was Piracy on the High Seas; a crime punishable by hanging. The government decided not to press charges.

Scuba Features seahorses-15-12-16

A few things you never knew about Seahorses!

Seahorses seem to be a big favourite for divers and non-divers alike, we actually know surprisingly little about them. Besides the fact that their males get pregnant, most divers don’t know that much about them. So here a few fun things you never knew about seahorses and will make you appreciate them even more next time you encounter them during your dives.

Scuba Features seaproof-tv-15-12-16

Learn more about

We are a British Columbia based, ocean focused video production company, offering a personal service that can bring to life your ideas, from concept through to shooting and editing. We shoot above and below the waves, making compelling and original promotional videos, product videos, destination videos, event videos or our trademark minimentaries (they’re just like documentaries, but minier!). Check out our Vimeo and YouTube pages for more videos.

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Newfoundland’s schooners: a story worth preserving

Schooners are defined as having two or more masts with triangular sails rigged fore-and-aft, or along the length of the ship, as opposed to the square type sails across the hull that were typical, for example, of the famous clipper ships. Schooners were more maneuverable and were often the workhorses of the sea wherever they were found, and Newfoundland was no exception 100 years and more ago..

Scuba Features ithaca-09-12-16

MV Ithaca comes ashore, almost

You don’t have to be a scuba diver to see the wreck of the MV Ithaca. But you do have to pick the right time of day. That would be low tide, when the 80-metre ship is sitting on the sandy bottom. You can walk close enough for a good view but don’t get too close and definitely do not try to board it because the wreck is not safe.

Scuba Features Clownfish

Cyclones and Clownfish

6.30am, 20th February, 2016. My Resort Manager was frantically banging at my door. Category 5 Cyclone Winston had suddenly changed track a few hours ago. We were due to miss the brunt of him but now we were in trouble as he was heading straight for us. As the dive center manager at the time, many thoughts were racing through my fuzzy morning head. Coffee?

Scuba Features scorpion-fish-29-11-16

A Beginner’s Guide to Muck Diving

The phrase muck diving was coined by Bob Halstead when he described diving off black sand beaches in Papua New Guinea. This unusual type of diving has gained great popularity and involves diving sites with sandy or silty bottoms, in search of the critters found there. Some of the best sites for muck diving are volcanic areas and sea grass beds.

Scuba Features yoga-diving-24-11-16

Top Yoga Diving Trips

Yoga has numerous health benefits for divers including increased flexibility, muscle strength, improved breathing and good circulatory health. All of which can contribute to better and safer diving with good buoyancy control.

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