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About Canadian Lobster: Prince Edward Island

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For over 150 years, lobster fishers on Prince Edward Island have been waking up early, setting their traps, and hauling in the most delicious red-shelled crustaceans to share with customers all over the world. Around 1200 Island lobster fishers work out of PEI’s 45 ports; many fishers are carrying on a family tradition.

Setting Day is the first day of the season for the Island’s lobster fishers, who work on the water for two months during one of PEI’s two lobster seasons. It’s a day of celebration when hundreds of boats leave port, loaded with traps, bound for the fishing grounds, while hundreds of people cheer them on!

The rest of the year is filled with activity as fishermen and their families work to maintain their boats and build and repair their traps. Lobster fishermen on Prince Edward Island are also very active in protecting the health of the fishery, spending time reviewing research, attending meetings, and discussing the sector’s future.

The lobster fishery is truly at the heart of rural PEI, where life fluctuates with the seasons.

About Lobster PEI

Lobster fishing is more than a job on Prince Edward Island; it’s a way of life. We are extremely proud of our products and the collaborative efforts we have made to manage a sustainable fishery that produces the best lobster in the world. Lobster PEI, or “The Lobster Fishers of PEI Marketing Board,” is a group of lobster fishermen who work together to promote and market PEI lobster.

Our Board

  • Charlie McGeoghegan – Central Northumberland Strait Fisherman’s Association (Board Chair)
  • Malcolm Ferguson – Central Northumberland Strait Fisherman’s Association (Treasurer)
  • Mark Arsenault – Prince County Fishermen’s Association
  • Terry Arsenault– Prince County Fishermen’s Association
  • Tommy Drake – Southern Kings and Queens Fishermen’s Association
  • Bethany McCarthy – Southern Kings and Queens Fishermen’s Association (Secretary)
  • Ken LeClair – Western Gulf Fishermen’s Association (Vice-Chair)
  • Ronnie MacRae – Western Gulf Fishermen’s Association
  • Edwin McKie – Eastern Kings Fishermen’s Association
  • Scott Bruce – Eastern Kings Fishermen’s Association
  • Ryan Peters – North Shore Fishermen’s Association

Learn more at: https://lobsterpei.ca/


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