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Introducing DiveISC – International Scuba Certification

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DiveISC is an affordable dive training agency that allows you to continue teaching the way you have been doing at very affordable rates.


✔ ISO-approved certification

Sea to Sky

✔ HSE-approved certification

✔ Open Water Certification is £24.25 / US$29
✔ Free dive centre registration and renewal*
✔ Free instructor registration and renewal*
✔ Free digital online training
✔ Digital student record system
✔ Automatic auditing of student record files.
✔ Outcome-based training standards
✔ Track Dive Professional First Aid, CPR, O2, Dive medical and Public Liability (Worksafe)
 Simple instructor crossover
✔ Dive centre focused
✔ Competitive certification cost
✔ Pay upon certification – not on the issue of training

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Learn More At: https://www.diveisc.com/


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