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The new 420-page book “DANIEL J. MORRELL-Lost, But No Longer Forgotten” is now accepting pre-orders. This new book, featuring more than 550 images and diagrams is the culmination of 30 months of work, interviews, discovery, dives, study and review.

SS Daniel J. Morrell was a 603-foot (184 m) Great Lakes freighter who broke up in a heavy storm on Lake Huron on 29 November 1966, taking 28 of her 29 crew members with her. The freighter was used to transport bulk cargoes such as iron ore but was working with only ballast.

History is rewritten as the MORRELL Investigation Group was able to learn the wreck’s true demise, concerning uncovered lies told during the Coast Guard Inquiry Meeting, and proved that the Meeting’s findings were incorrect.

Interviews with all 29 MORRELL families are included, along with reviews by members of the Coast Guard, an experienced dive crew, and marine engineers, as well as many others who were directly or indirectly related to the MORRELL on 29 November 1966. This book also features interviews with remaining family members of the MORRELL crews.

Daniel J Morrell
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One of our research group’s aims was to donate some of the proceeds from the new book back to the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, so that they can continue to have fresh and exciting displays, similar to the upcoming MORRELL show. Sales from the book’s first print will allow us to make a donation of nearly $10,000, so please help us achieve that goal.

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