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Seak is a free mobile app that works as a marine life data collector to help marine research and environmental education

Seak has one main goal: collecting and capturing divers` memories in order to assist the scientific community in their investigations and share information about sea life with the general public.

Sea to Sky

Marine research faces one problem: data collection, as this depends on money and personnel available to carry out the investigations. Seak will connect scientists and divers, providing a constantly updated data base in which hypotheses can be checked and decisions regarding conservation can be made.


This powerful tool will inspire divers around the world to be our eyes into the ocean by enabling them to share their experiences via this intuitive app. With the direct visual information, communities worldwide can realize the important relationship between education and conservation. After all, how can we conserve what we do not know exists?

Divers all around the world are the answer to our subaquatic ignorance and Seak provides the channel to heal our limited underwater knowledge.

For more information visit:
Twitter: seak_app
Facebook: seakapp
Instagram: seak.it

Download Seak for:
AppStore: appsto.re/co/ES792.i
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.seak.seak


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