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Monty Halls Launches New Facebook Page for Seadog Productions

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Monty Halls at The Scuba NewsSeadog Productions was established to create cost effective, professional underwater filming for television and commercial productions. Harnessing decades of experience in diving and film production, the company provides a one stop shop for all aspects of underwater camera work and commercial media demands. Fully equipped with a coded 8 metre RIB, whether it’s boat-to-boat filming, natural history filming, or general commercial operations.

The keys to modern underwater filming are to be cost effective, completely safe, have expert knowledge of current legislation, and yet provide a world class product on completion. The team at Seadog combine the experience of expedition diving, of deep technical work, of top-side and underwater filming, and working on productions with the BBC, National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel. Our teams are hand-picked through an extensive network of contacts, and are relevant to each particular job.

Learn more at: http://www.montyhalls.co.uk/about-monty/sea-dog-productions

or visit and “Like” the new Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Seadog-Productions/376260502503825


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