Tasik Ria Resort and Tasik Divers Welcome the Scuba Trust Group!!!

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Hi there… after over a year of planning, email’s flying back and forth across the globe and little bit of trepidation (totally unfounded!!) the Scuba Trust group finally landed in Manado.

The Scuba Trust at The Scuba News
Feet and wheels touched down on June 8th. They arrived as a bit of an enigma, but by the time they left two weeks later on June 22nd it was as great friends and Inspirations to all….

What happened in those two weeks is impossible to say, as you really had to be here, but suffice to say they made an impact!! With open arms and hearts, they welcomed everybody to join them in a passion for life, living and diving.

It’s a long journey to make and for some it was more difficult, but like most of life’s journeys sometimes you just have to “go for it”…and did they!!!!!!

On the groups last night, we arranged for the kids from Nazareth Orphanage to come down and play, dance and sing for the group.

Alan had prepared his own contemporary dance routine to celebrate their time here and did so with two of the children for the local primary school. (oh and the” Birdie song” will never be the same!!)

tasikria-scubatrust2Add into the whole mix a zest for fun and mischief on the boats as well as the bars (where else!!!) and you have a great recipe for a wonderful holiday. If you ever get the chance to join these amazing people on any of their trips you had better pack a sense of humour and leave your preconceptions behind!!!!

Learn more about The Scuba Trust at: http://www.scubatrust.org.uk/



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