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0 Freediving and Scuba Diving wetsuits, what are the differences?

Wetsuit Neoprene is a rubber foam used to make, well, a wetsuit. It is called closed-cell neoprene as the bubbles are trapped in the neoprene rubber foam and between one or more layers of fabric. Closed-cell means that each nitrogen bubble is surrounded and separated by neoprene. Both freediving and scuba suits are made of closed-cell neoprene.

Equipment News
0 Purchasing Your Own Dive Equipment

It’s a fact that whatever the sport you choose as your passion you need to purchase equipment. Scuba diving is no different to any other sport. Diving equipment is not cheap but neither is any good quality sporting equipment.

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0 Feeling Sharky!

I’ve been lucky enough to dive 13 different countries so far on my endless laps of the map! And it’s nigh impossible to say which country has been my favourite to dive. Australia, goes without saying. Micronesia, if you’re a wreck enthusiast then absolutely. Iceland definitely. But one of the most exhilarating experiences in my diving career which is touching now on 1000 logged dives, took place in the superb waters off Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu, Beqa Lagoon.

Scuba Features
0 Voyage of Discovery

My own ‘Voyage of Discovery’ was quite unlike the perilous journey my Great, Great, Great Grandfather, Sir James Clark Ross, took 175 years ago. The most dominant difference being, I knew where I was going and when I’d be back!

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