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0 How To Order The Right O’Rings for Your Needs

Most Scuba Diving Centers quest for o-rings that need replacement in lots of different diving equipment but don’t have all the information for the O-ring that they need. This is forces them to order a complete service kit where in reality they need only a specific size o-ring.

Equipment News
0 Learn more about Glo Rope was founded in Colorado in 2006. Since that time, the companyhas grown and developed their unique and innovative way of infusing glow materials into products. Their unique products and design give their users immeasurable safety and benefits for years to come.

Equipment News
0 Supporter Beware! – The Triton Artificial Gill

We’ve all seen it in the movies. The main character splashes into the water, a cool looking mouthpiece gripped in their teeth, and they proceed to escape, do battle, or otherwise enjoy the benefits of a scuba system without the requisite scuba gear. To say that it’s a dream for divers to be less encumbered when underwater is an understatement. There is a whole minimalist sub-culture in recreational diving, dedicated to minimalizing the amount of gear they need to safely dive. So what’s brought all this on? The Triton Artificial Gill.

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