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0 Canadian diver who boosted sharks’ image dies in scuba mishap

Canadian diver Rob Stewart’s death in the ocean is a big blow to his family, the environmental movement and the educational impact of his marine filmmaking. Stewart died in a tragic diving accident near Key Largo, Florida on January 31. He was there to start working on his third movie. It was to be called Sharkwater: Extinction, a sequel to his acclaimed first movie known as Sharkwater.

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0 Introducing Deep/Quest

Experience the adventures of divers who have seen the surreal beauty and underwater wilderness. For those who dare and those who aspire to explore earth’s watery realm, explore this “in-depth” website to view the world-wide adventures of Deep/Quest 2 Expeditions (the Canadian-led exploration team founded in 1973). Join us as we explore the underwater world of exotic locales, including Cuba, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Puerto Rico, as well as the Canadian Great Lakes.

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0 The Scuba News UK take a trip to the London Aquarium

Aquariums have become a normal part of society, in that most of us have visited one at some point or other. The question is do they work as a good educational tool for the ocean and its creatures and do they encourage conservation? What do people take away from a visit and are aquarium’s a positive experience? Here in the UK they are a way for us all to engage with a range of tropical creatures that we might otherwise not be exposed too but does that encourage a more positive and active drive to care for them in the natural World?

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0 Poppy Lodge lead the way for my ‘Scuba in Schools’ project!

Apart from my editing duties, I also work with young people in schools and decided to try and collaborate the two things I love the most. Overnight my ‘Scuba in Schools’ project was born. An enriching program/activity for young people to get involved in. Something new and different as part of the school day to help create the next generation of young divers.

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