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0 Poppy Lodge lead the way for my ‘Scuba in Schools’ project!

Apart from my editing duties, I also work with young people in schools and decided to try and collaborate the two things I love the most. Overnight my ‘Scuba in Schools’ project was born. An enriching program/activity for young people to get involved in. Something new and different as part of the school day to help create the next generation of young divers.

Community News
0 Divers Off Cornwall Discover Poldark Shipwreck

Divers have rediscovered a 17th century shipwreck off Gunwalloe Church Cove in Cornwall, at exactly the spot where the shipwreck scene was filmed in 2014 for the TV series Poldark. First seen by a local diver in 1971 and designated under the Protection of Wrecks Act 1973, the wreck of the Schiedam had been buried for many years under the shifting sands of the cove.

Community News
0 The Canadian Naval Divers Association (CNDA)

The Canadian Naval Divers Association (CNDA) was founded in January 1981 at Halifax, Nova Scotia. The founding members of the Association were: Andre Desrochers, Stanley F. Watts, Leo Goneau, Terry Havlik, Glenn Adams, and Michael Walsh. The first president was Stanley F. Watts and the current national chairman is Wally Green.

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